Online Reading

I like to use Inoreader to organise my online reading, sorting feeds into specific categories. Rules can be created to - for example - trigger a Microsoft Teams webhook when an article matching a specific criteria is added. One potential use case is creating a Teams channel for tracking vulnerabilities in products that you use.

In addition to RSS feeds, some other valuable information aggregators are:

Newcomers to the industry may also find Curated Intel’s CTI Fundamentals repository useful. It offers an extensive list of blog posts, whitepapers and presentations to help guide and support your learning.

Twitter Lists

The following are lists which are strictly curated to improve signal:noise ratio. All of these are also available to be followed on my profile. It’s advised that you supplement these with a set of muted words that further filter out undesirable content.

I highly recommend TweetDeck as a web client or Nitter as an alternative. Nitter also offers an RSS export of feeds that can be ingested into your RSS reader of choice.


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